WSCFF History

Learn more about the history of Washington State professional, union fire fighters over the decades to become the organization we are today. Many thanks to Ellie Belew for her research and images from her book Fully Involved.

Fully Involved

Book-Fully Involved“In the case of firefighters, the public thinks of them as heroes, especially since the tragedy of 9/11, but seldom as workers. Yet, like steelworkers, miners and, more recently nurses and other service workers, fire fighters have their own history of fighting for tolerable hours and the right to bargain collectively. Fully Involved documents that history for the state of Washington, highlighting larger-than-life personalities that built the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, along with delicious details about their rivalries and strategic use of whiskey. It’s not only fun to read, it’s a gift to all fire fighters and to working people everywhere.”

—Barbara Ehrenreich from the Introduction to the book, Fully Involved by Ellie Belew.

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