Spokane County 8 Union Fire Fighters - IAFF Local 3711 Stories

Governor Jay Inslee Talks to Fire Crews in Spokane

Spokane | 08/23/16

Inslee at wildfire 3

Governor Inslee debriefs with IAFF Local 3711 members


On Monday, August 22, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee was debriefed by Spokane District 8 Union Members who made the initial attack on the Yale Road Fire in the Spokane area.  These union fire firefighters described their efforts to save homes in the path of the fire front.  Jeff Wainwright, WSCFF 2nd District Representative, further explains that the fire has been making runs all day, and there have been a lot of air operations with rotors, fixed wings, and heavy tankers all day.  We urge everyone to stay safe and thank them for their valiant efforts.

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