Spokane County 8 Union Fire Fighters - IAFF Local 3711

Communities Served

Serving Spokane County since July 15, 1996

Spokane, Ponderosa,Valleyford,Saltese,Moran Prairie

Legislative District 4, 6, 9

Adam Villard, President
IAFF Local 3711
PO Box 30601
Spokane, WA 99223

[email protected]

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About Our Local

In modern day fire service models, most departments provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Currently, IAFF L3711 members provide EMS 24/7 in a engine company format, stationed at firehouses located throughout the Fire District. Two of your fire stations (81-Moran Prairie & 84-Ponderosa) provide Paramedic services as well. But, in 2015 voters decided to increase funding levels through an EMS levy and soon all stations will be covered by Paramedics. Firefighter/Paramedics work closely with Firefighter/EMTs on all EMS calls. However, there are some differences. Paramedics have increased didactic education on anatomy/physiology, pharmacology & emergency care. They can insert IVs, handle advanced airways, administer medicines & interpret EKGs. L3711 EMS providers bring the most educated and technologically equipped personnel to your home.

Emergencies do not just happen because of political boundaries, nor one at a time. That is why your Union firefighters worked in conjunction with administration to fully implement closest fire engine response. Using the latest in technology and highly trained E911 communicators, firefighters respond to emergencies no matter of the boundaries (City of Spokane, Spokane Valley Fire Department).  The other agencies respond same in kind, thus serving all of the citizens in the Spokane region.


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