Right to Work

There’s Nothing Right about Right To Work

June 27, 2018 – Today the Supreme Court handed down a historic decision in the Janus v. AFSME case that is a major hit to public worker unions. In a 5-4 opinion, state government workers who choose not to join the union do not have to pay their fair share of union dues even though they will reap the benefit of collective bargaining when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Mark Janus is an Illinois state employee who has declined membership in the union that represents him—the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSME). He was backed by big corporate money looking to shift the advantage to employers who want to outlaw fair share and advance their interests. The case has overthrown a 40 year precedent and effects union employees in all 50 states.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote this in her dissent:

“There is no sugarcoating today’s opinion. The majority overthrows a decision entrenched in this nation’s law — and its economic life — for over 40 years. As a result, it prevents the American people, acting through their state and local officials, from making important choices about workplace governance. And it does so by weaponizing the First Amendment, in a way that unleashes judges, now and in the future, to intervene in economic and regulatory policy.”

In early 2018, our Union knew this was coming down the line as our video below details. Learn more about the Right to Work issue and support a #UnionFirefighter today.

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